The veterans are a thriving demographic society in the United States, and a variety of physical, social, financial, and cultural circumstances affect their nutritional status. For their betterment, many food delivery services are offering their co-operations these days. Online sources like food delivery service reviews provide more erudition about such companies that offer services for the veterans.

Government programs play an indispensable role in reaching the nutrition needs of older veterans. A lot of profit and nonprofit organizations also are critically important in providing services for buying food and drinks. Here we have enlisted several online delivery companies that strive to help the veteran community by giving healthy meals.

  • Diet-to-go

This is a meal delivery service that offers four meal plans for home-delivered and premade meals. Their meal ideas include a diabetes-friendly option and a keto method. Meal plans include all breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One of their meal plan offerings is called Balance Diabetes, which follows ADA guidelines on carbs and fat. The ADA usually encourages between 40 and 60 g of carbohydrates per meal. The meal provided, can be very good for older veterans who have acquired diabetes with time.

  • MedStar Healthy And Territory Foods

MedStar Healthy was the brainchild of the MedStar Institute for Innovation, a fellowship of the nonprofit MedStar Health that concentrates on building innovations in the field of medicine. A society of elite college students set forth to form prepared meals that would meet the needs of people who are old and have health issues like diabetes and heart diseases.

MedStar Healthy uses Territory, a food delivery assistance, for its meals. While Territory gives a slew of fresh meal options, even niche meal plans, like ones for new and pregnant moms. They offer MedStar Healthy’s options for consumers in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the Dallas–Fort Worth area.

  • Sun Basket

Sun Basket began giving specific meals for the older generation in early 2018, marking the company’s second dive into health-specific meal plans. In 2017, Sun Basket started offering meals that were approved by the American Heart Association.

All of the meals listed as health-friendly are under seven hundred calories and have at least 15 g of protein in them. In addition, a little less than 10 percent of each meal’s calories are from added sugar, and each meal contains between 20 and 100 g of carbohydrates per portion. Saturated fat, present in the food, consists of less than 10 percent of total calories, and meals contain no more than seven hundred mg of sodium.


Although healthy meal options are merely a handful for veterans and other older people, the fewer available choices are so efficient and good in their services that you won’t feel the need to look for somewhere else. Any veteran, with any kind of health condition, can trust these food companies as their reliable healthy diet source without worrying about the quality and condition of the food items. Also, the meals mostly come pre-prepared so that older people can enjoy their meals without any trouble.