Reviewing Herbalife’s Products and Employment

Herbalife Nutrition is one of the best-known nutritional companies in the world. In its 40 years, it has helped countless people to make changes in their lives that lead to better success and health in their personal lives. The company is perhaps best known for its meal replacement shakes, but it also has numerous nutritional supplements and snack foods. The aim of the products is to modify lifestyles so that customers become healthier.

Wellness and Herbalife

Using Herbalife products isn’t just a diet: it’s a way of thinking. Making healthier meal choices can make a world of difference for most people. With everyone’s busy schedules, these meal replacement products, snacks and nutritional supplements make it quick and easy to eat healthier. And when a first-time customer makes a purchase, they get a one-on-one coaching session with their independent distributor to talk about their nutrition and weight goals and to work through a personalized plan that will help them to reach those goals.

Herbalife Reviews

Herbalife also supports wellness in customers by supporting the many nutrition clubs that are formed. They use the power of community to bring people together who have shared goals and want to make healthier choices. Many Herbalife reviews show that these community members give glowing reports of how well these clubs work for them and how much they help with their weight-loss journeys. Customers who join these groups talk about how motivating they find the community and how the weight-loss challenges are helpful for keeping them making better choices.

Some customers join these clubs and say they appreciate the encouragement that they get from their distributors. The independent distributors are there to help customers to make healthy choices and to stick with a better nutritional plan to help them toward their goals. Often, having a community of people who share your goals can create a positive momentum that keeps customers going and encourages them to make healthier choices a habit for life.

Herbalife Employment

In addition to the many independent distributors who make the products available to customers, as well as giving them nutritional coaching, Herbalife also has thousands of employees. Like most companies, they need IT workers, HR personnel, marketers and more. The company also employs hundreds of scientists who research wellness and weight loss and develop the latest products for Herbalife. All of these employee positions are important to the company, and the vast majority of these workers leave Herbalife reviews that are positive about their job and their employers.

The ratings of the company on the website Indeed show just how happy employees are with their employment and the company culture. Indeed, ratings are averaged among all of the reviews for an employer, and Herbalife has a 4.2 out of 5 stars review from its employees. They are overall happy with the environment, the growth potential and the experience of working for the company day to day.

On Glassdoor, employee Herbalife reviews have given a whopping 87% approval rating of the Herbalife CEO, and they gave the company a 3.9 stars out of five. They also recommend employment with the company at a rate of 75%. This is a rating that is comparable to some of the biggest, top-performing companies around. Forbes named Herbalife one of America’s Best Employers for Women. It also was named one of America’s Best Midsize Employers also by Forbes.

With a company culture that is inclusive and inviting, employees are generally happy to be a part of this international company. They give reviews saying that the compensation is great, the culture is welcoming, and the wellness perks are great to have.